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"The Great Equalizer:" Queering the Construction of Disability in American Public Education

Student essay from Centered Margins: An Undergraduate Journal of Queer Scholarship. Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2014.


2014 Senior Queer Studies Concentrators

2014 Senior Queer Studies Concentrators, April 28, 2014. Written for the QSC Senior Celebration and Awarding of Certificates. Biographies of the students: Shakia Asamoah, Biology and Women's Studies; Devin Ashly Daro, Psychology and Theatre; Olivia…


AAC Permanent Cross-Listed Queer Studies Course Numbers

Listing of permanent cross-listed Queer Studies courses for Academic Affairs Council, dated April 24, 2011.


Academic Affairs Council Queer Studies Criteria

Academic Affairs Council departmental guidelines and goals for the Queer Studies Concentration.


Academic Affairs Council Queer Studies Program, April 18, 2000

April 18, 2000 meeting minutes of the Academic Affairs Council review of the Queer Studies Program with requests for revisions to the proposal.

Alterations (red).jpg

Alterations (Red)

An art piece depicting a subject taking a picture of them self in the mirror, holding a camera above their head. The print is done in black and white with red throughout it.


Alvin Ailey

A zine about activist and choreographer Alvin Ailey and his life.


Angelia Wilson Lecture

Flyer for Angelia Wilson April 18, 2012 lecture "Why Europe is Lesbian & Gay Friendly...And Why America Never Will Be."


Anne Shaver Interview

Interview with Anne Shaver in June 2015. Interview conducted by Sheilah Wilson.


Anne Shaver, 2011 Recollection about Queer Studies Concentration

In April 2011, Anne Shaver wrote a document entitled "What I can Remember about the Beginnings of Our Queer Studies Concentration."


Bible, Gender, and Sexuality

Course Proposal form for REL 108: Bible, Gender, and Sexuality, to be taught in the department of Religion by Dr. Maia Kotrosits.


Biography of Deirdre McCloskey

Biography of Deirdre McCloskey.

CFPQueering Canons.pdf

Call for Papers - Queering Canons

Call for paper for Queering Canons. Queer Canons will collect essays from queer scholars on faculty at Denison.


Camp Denison 2013

Camp Denison: Three Days in May. Agenda for May 14 - May 16. Includes a session by Dr. Robin Bartlett, "QS 101 for 'Straight People'."

chuck morris denison pdf.pdf

Chuck Morris Interview

Interview with Chuck Morris in June 2015. Interview conducted by Sheilah Wilson.